Train The Trainer


High-quality teaching is vital for student success.  In order to cultivate high-quality teaching, support for ongoing professional learning in schools is essential. The effective professional development and leadership elements are critical for growing and supporting great teachers.


NO SUBSTITUTE FOR LEARNING : You really can’t learn new skills from an app. You need to experience it, practice it and get personal attention to the details that make a difference. There is simply no substitute for learning.

INDUSTRY EXPERTS : Our instructors are not professors – they are practitioners in the field, focused on what works now in the real world.

COLLECTIVE LEARNING :  The collective learning will help each participants gaining insight and knowledge from others will expand their professional network.

AN EXPERIENCE : The learning is always a growing process. It is an experience that makes you rich in knowledge, communication, networking, ideas and trends in industry.


A subject matter expert who needs to train others  or who is looking for new more effective approaches to learning this is the ideal workshop for you.

Self Leadership

Leading self and being an inspiration to others


New Perspective to look at responsibilities, deep dive within

Building Trust

Trust Takes time, how to build it


Different types, what works and what does not work

Emotional Quotient

Handling yourself emotionally well, asking the right questions


Listening as a gift to young kids, helps to respond well

Presentation Skills

Presenting in newer, creative ways

Planning and Organizing

your give to the students

Story Telling

How to tell a story for effectiveness

Energy Management

managing your energy (physical, emotional and mental)


simple and easy to do techniques

Team Working

working within a team structure

Managing Time

time management in a new way

Managing Stress

identify stress, stress and distress and our response

Managing Expectations

setting expectations and agreements

Handling Parents

how to handle connected and concerned parents

Quality Vs Quantity

what is more important of the two and why?


feeling blessed for who we are and acknowledging the same


look from now to beyond with a fresh spectacle

Online and Social Media

being online and learning thereon


A 3 full day (6 hour) workshop, which may be broken into 6 1/2 day (3 hour) workshops or 9 2 hour workshops as per school timings.