We have young but industry experienced team of professionals who are extremely passionate about their clients. We cater to the need of Technology Training in the domain related to IT, Telecom and soft skills for professionals and students.


To erase the geographical boundaries to bring Information Technology at global village. Make the global citizen IT savvy to simplify their Life.


To approach schools and universities to connect with young generation to awaken them with knowledge and information using IT and telecommunication as a boon. To approach corporate world wide to upgrade their current employee skill sets. To win confidence of local governments bodies and assist them to work on e-solutions to simplify local people lives. While imparting our services, we are committed for promptness and quality service. We are committed to create awareness and insist for Green IT approach.

Our Services
  1. Training for Corporate

    We provide high end onsite training for corporate in the field of IT as well as Telecommunication. Training is offer through a large pool of industry professionals / experts in the respective domain. Our comprehensive training ensures that your employees are well versed with the technicalities of the job and can manage the projects efficiently.

  2. Training for Students

    We have curriculum developed, understanding the need of the students as well respected college / University to have better industry linkages through our curriculum as an enhancement to their university syllabus. Adhyay will help the exit level students from the University to get added benefit of knowledge for sharpening their professional skills and thus it will help the corporate as well to get better candidates during their campus recruitments.

  3. Training for NGOs, Universities & Government Enterprises

    We understand the unique training requirements of Government enterprises at the state, central and local level. We provide exclusive technology as well as soft skill training programs that are customized to suit their requirements. Our trainers have experienced in training government employees resulting in improved performances and higher productivity.

    Our training programs for Government Enterprises help

    Lower overall training costs
    Help the candidates in developing their vocational skills
    Reduce human capital required to handle training
    Increase responsiveness that results in efficient management systems.

  4. Training any type

    We provide training with ILT i.e. Instructor led Training. This is particularly classroom training with instructor and his / her training aid like white board, projector and two way interactive sessions of discussions and workshops

    We also provide training through e-learning methodology particularly for Telecommunication technology. We provide technology training through e-learning for those who are master of their own time and can spare time as per his / her need, who want to curtail expense on travel and enjoy benefit to learn anytime, sitting anywhere as per his /her need base.

  5. Training Anywhere

    We provide training onsite, offsite as well as e-learning way! Apart from India, we currently operate in Africa continent.

    Company provides the consultancy in the field of ITIL and PMP through industry expert consultants. We also started taking up the turn key projects for software development in the field of web based technologies.


Brief History of Our Company

Mid 2010

Inception as proprietary firm


Go International Approach with Africa


Started serving countries like Ghana, Zambia and Mozambique


Started serving well known brands in Domestic Markets


Added more clients from Zambia


Launched Software development division for academics with ERP solution for education sector

954Sudent Trained
88No. of Clients
150No. of Courses
273No. of Training Session

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